CodeGin is a new company specializing in building and delivery web or
iPhone applications VERY FAST.

If you are behind on a project, or need something up and running over
night, that’s what we do. We get your running with a prototype or a full
blown application in days or weeks vs. months.

Our Philosophy

If you know what you want, you don’t need months, or weeks to get an
application or prototype up and running. Sometimes you need it up and
running the next day, that’s where you call us.

Our Team

CodeGin is currently spearheaded by Scott Preston. Scott has over 20
years of software and web application development. Scott has written
books ranging from The Definitive Guide to Building Java Robots, co
authored Real World Ajax, and was technical reviewer on Beginning Robot
Building and Intermediate Robot Building. Scott also just finished his book, Learn HTML5 and JavaScript for iOS.

If you thought that all Scott’s experience with Artificial
Intelligence and Robotics would allow CodeGin to do so much in so little
time, you would be right!