Some of our latest projects.


Snagr® is an easy to use video┬ásurveillance application. Use your webcam to remotely monitor your home, apartment or business. It’s so easy to use all you need is your browser!

Snagr® is currently in private beta.

Grandview Ave.

Grandview Ave.

Grandview Ave is a hyper-local site and app. It’s designed to showcase some of our iPhone and web development work as
wekk as highlight businesses and activities on Grandview Ave.


Honey Duz

Honey Duz is an easy to use TO-DO list manager designed to help you keep track of your house projects.


Page Foo

PageFoo is designed to provide real-time analytics for your website or mobile web app.

It’s not designed to replace something as popular as Google Analytics, but it’s designed to augment
and provide real-time updates when you are running an ad campaign or need some real-time analysis on your
site or app’s performance.