Courses & Training

Beginning Mobile Development (1 Day Workshop)

Everyone has a website but what does it take to go from web to a mobile site and what does it take to go from mobile web to a native iPhone or Android app?

This course covers:

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Web Sites For Business Owners (1 Day Workshop)

How do you create your own high-quality website for less than $100? Often times web development companies will charge you $5,000 or more to do something that cost them a little less than a day of time and $100 in labor, why should they get rich when you can have the knowledge to in less than a day.
The course covers:
  • The basics of setting up your domain, site and free content management system.
  • How to got from novice to expert in updating and configuring your new site.
  • How to pick templates and optimize your look & feel.
  • How to configure SEO and set-up Google Analytics.
  • How to optimize your site for SEO and integrate with Social Media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, Linked in and Pinterest.
  • How to market and advertise with Google Adwords.
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Ace The Technical Job Interview (1/2 Day Workshop)

So you have a nice resume, but what happens when you get interviewed? Do you freeze? Are you nervous?

This course covers:

  • An HR Phone Screen a few days before the event with personalized feedback.
  • Interview basics & ettique.
  • Resume tips to get you a phone call.
  • Social Media Tips (What to put and not-to-put on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.)
  • Sample interview questions
  • One-On-One interviews
  • Strategies on how to answer tough questions or questions you don’t know
  • The confidence and skills needed to pass your next interview and get your dream job!
  • A Take home workbook on ways to practice and prepare for your next interview.

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CodeGin consults with a variety of customers for mobile and web problems. Technologies are focused on Java EE, PHP, Front-End Tech and Business Consulting. Contact us for more information.